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Rodopi Advendurun

100 miles footrace

Rodopi Advendurun (ROUT) is a new approach to trail running races, introducing a new vision on the ultras, the adventure/endurance running (advendurunning), by putting athletes and their skills in a serious challenge, and assessing their experience gained by long practice of the sport. ROUT is calling only experienced trail runners, requiring their maximum of physical and mental endurance. Welcome to the new philosophy of adventure running

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Posted by harris on 13/10/21 (258 reads)

Tuesday 12/10/2021 time: 10.30

Dasiko Horio, Haidou, Rodopi National Park


Paying attention to weather conditions and the forecasts of the various meteorological sites, it appears that next Friday 15/10/2021 will be the day with the most rainfall (25 mm of rain / three hours).

The rainfall had already started last Friday and still is raining in a mild rate in the area of ​​Rodopi mountains. It is expected that there will be, among others, a large water flow (high level)  in the creeks.

Having as basic pillar = SAFETY FIRST – (Athletes & Volunteers)

and having awareness about our organization capabilities in such weather conditions,

we have decided to put into operation the plan B. Plan B means an alternative route and the change of the start day of the race from Friday 06.00 to Saturday 06.00 (16/10/2021)

This new route will be in the type of out and back.

The Athletes will start from the Forest Village (Dasiko Horio) and will follow the route of the race to Zarkadia Station (55 km) from where they will return back from the same trail to the Forest Village

- The route is reduced to 110 km with a positive ascent of approx. 6,000 meters

- The finish time is now 28 hours with 11 hours cut off in Zarkadia (55 km).

- The stations are limited to 3 - Prasinada 1 (26 km), Zarkadia (55 km), Prasinada 2 (84 km).

The Technical Brief van be reached here

The information will continue through posts on the website and social media of the event as well as by e-mails.


On behalf of the ROUT Family,


Elias Spyridopoulos     Christos D. Katsanos

+306946280221             +306932566941

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Posted by christos on 14/05/16 (3102 reads)

Rodopi Advendurun 2016: Registrations open on May 20, 2016

Starting Friday, May 20 at 22.00,  registrations are open for the 7th edition of Rodopi Advendurun 100 miles (ROUT) of 2016. Registrations will use the online registration form ( ) and will last until July 31.

150 athletes will be admitted to the race this year regardless of country of origin. Registration is a two-stage process, first the application for participation is approved and then you are notified to proceed with the fees payment. The payment period for those already fulfilling the criteria and thus approved to participate will begin on May 20 and will last until the 150 places are filled up or until July 31, if there are still openings. The organization will take special provisions to ensure a minimum number of starters are athletes residing outside Greece.

The qualification criterion remains the same as in previous years, finishing in an approved trail race of at least 80 km over the past 3 years (2014, 2015,2016 ).

The entry fee for this year's race will remain EUROS 120,00. Race course, rules and regulations will published within the forthcoming week (although there will be not substantial changes as of past year (cut-off to 40 hours).

The Steering Committee of ROUT took care to instill consistently until today the philosophy of a race not confined to the narrow limits of an organized racing event but provides athletes with the opportunity to experience an immersion to the pristine nature of Rodopi mountains. Today, with the experience of six previous editions, adventure transpires the Rodopi Advendurun and this spirit will prevail in all our future endeavors.

Our best to all,

The ROUT Steering Committee

Orestini- Xanthi,Greece May 14, 2016

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