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Rodopi Ultra Trail (ROUT) is a new approach to trail running races, introducing a new vision on the ultras, the adventure running, by putting athletes and their skills in a serious challenge, and assessing their experience gained by long practice of the sport. ROUT is calling only experienced trail runners, requiring their maximum of physical and mental endurance. Welcome to the new philosophy of adventure running

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Virgin Forest Trail 2007 ROUT 100 MILES 2015 - REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN
Posted by ROUT on 27/05/15 (11 reads)


Rodopi Advendurun 2015: Registrations open on May 27, 2015

Starting Wednesday, May 27 at 22.00,  registrations are open for the 6th edition of Rodopi Advendurun (ROUT) of 2015. Registrations will use the online registration form ( ) and will last until August 31.

150 athletes who will be admitted to the race this year regardless of country of origin. Registration is a two-stage process, first the application for participation is approved and then you are notified to proceed with the fees payment. The payment period for those already fulfilling the criteria and thus approved to participate will begin on May 28 and will last until the 150 places are filled up or until August 31, if there are still openings. The organization will take special provisions to ensure a minimum number of starters are athletes residing outside Greece.

The qualification criterion remains the same as in previous years, finishing in an approved trail race of at least 80 km over the past 3 years (2013, 2014,2015 ).

The entry fee for this year's race will remain EUROS 120. Race course, rules and regulations remain unchanged as of past year  (cut-off to 40 hours).

The Steering Committee of ROUT took care to instill consistently until today the philosophy of a race not confined to the narrow limits of an organized racing event but provides athletes with the opportunity to experience an immersion to the pristine nature of Rodopi mountains. Today, with the experience of four previous editions, adventure transpires the Rodopi Advendurun and this spirit will prevail in all our future endeavors.

Our best to all,

The ROUT Steering Committee

Orestini- Xanthi,Greece May 26, 2015

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Rodopi Ultra Trail Co-operation Agreement between Rodopi Ultra Trail NGO and Tropos Branding Co
Posted by ROUT on 03/02/15 (88 reads)

Orestini, Xanthi,Greece 29/1/2015


The Non-Profit Organization RODOPI ULTRA TRAIL has been engaged since 2009 in organizing athletic activities based on volunteering.  The races organized are ultra-distance in the unique primordial forests of Rodopi.  Its aim is to bridge the gap between modern Man and Mother Nature.

It strives to accomplish this by organizing 5 events (until today) during all seasons of the year.  So in Winter there is the ROUT Volunteer Gathering, in Spring Rodopi Challenge 50 Miles, in Summer Haidou Trail Party 24Κ, Haidou Kids and the Volunteer Training School while in Autumn the year reaches its peak with the “mythical” Rodopi Advendurun 100 Miles.

ROUT (Rodopi Ultra Trail) is already a recognized brand in the field of mountain ultra-distances with minimal support.

Given the complexity of the activities but also with the ambition to expand the awareness of its Brand outside Greece, ROUT has decided to co-operate with the specialized in this field Tropos Branding Co.

The duration of the contract is three years with the right to extend for three additional years.

 The needs of the organization are big and in matters of Brand Strategy, Brand Value, Brand Awareness and Brand Equity we need help from a specialized Team of People. We are happy to have the opportunity to work in depth on such sensitive matters with the People from Tropos Branding who have helped us voluntarily all these years” stated Elias Spyridopoulos, President of Rodopi Ultra Trail NGO.  

From Tropos Branding Co, its Executive Director Mr. Christos D. Katsanos mentioned “Either way my personal involvement with the organization of ROUT is a given.  Starting today all employees, but also associates of Tropos will work not only on the preparation of a Complete Strategy Plan but also on the realization and implementation of its actions”.

About Rodopi Ultra Trail NGO

Rodopi Ultra Trail (ROUT) Non-Profit Organization was founded in Orestini, Xanthi.  It is organized on the basis of volunteering and has more than 140 Volunteers.  It has organized the first 50 and 100 miles mountain races in Greece (2010).  Until the end of 2014 it had completed 25 events in total.  The activities are associated with ROUT - Rodopi Advendurun 100 Miles, ROC -Rodopi Challenge 50 miles, Haidou Trail Party24K, τον Haidou Kids, The Volunteer Assembly and the Volunteer Training School.

About Tropos Branding Co

Tropos Branding Company is a modern & flexible marketing & branding company. Using the "Zero to Low Budget" methodology and the "H2Η- Human to Human" approach it plans, highlights and promotes Brands in many categories of products and services. Company identities, Corporate videos, Youtube  Shows, product packaging and Inbound marketing techniques (more than 20 different platforms) are used in an integrated "e-branding 360" approach.

For more information:

Rodopi Ultra Trail: Mr. Elias Spyridopoulos , ,

Tropos Branding Co: Ms. Dimitra Notiou, 2310-488915,,


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