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Before you proceed to fill the application form in the next page please read carefully and accept some basic rules:  

  • You must have completed the age of 20 at least by the race day

  • One 80K or equivalent trail race at least in the last three years, is the necessary qualification for entering the ROUT CLASSIC 100 MILES

  • You must accept the philosophy of semi-autonomy and solidarity during the race. Only six aid stations along the route and maybe less than 100 participants in the race.

  • Basic data of the race are: length 100 miles (174km), elevation gain +9000 meters, time limit 44 hours

  • You may encounter wild animals during the race, such as bears, wolves, bears etc. that you are obliged to respect

  • Weather conditions in the race area may be severe (cold, rain, snow) due to the season, so each athlete must be properly prepared for this fact

  • It's possible to spend two nights alone in the open wild during the race, due to the remoteness of the race area  

  • During the whole race you must respect the nature (Rodopi National Park), the organizers, the volunteers, the regulations and the other athletes

  • ROUT CLASSIC 100 MILES it is not exactly a safe ultra-trail race but an adventure 100 miler footrace, including all the relative dangers arising from this fact. Furthermore, you are obliged to overcome any physical and mental problems, resulting from an ultra-race such as mental or physical fatigue.

  • Organizers have the duty to provide only a light support to the athletes, by serving them food or medical help in the aid stations  

  • You undertake in full all the risks of participating the race, releasing organizers from any responsibility of accidents

  • You are not required to bring along any medical certificate proving the good of your health, because this may be fraud

  • There is obligatory equipment in the race! All athletes have the full responsibility to carry along with them all the obligatory equipment written on the regulations of the race 2022

  • No escorts or pacers are allowed in the race. Athletes are allowed to have outside support only in two stations along the route

  • One drop-bag will be given in two different points during the race

  • The only penalty for disregarding the regulations is disqualification from the race  

  • The entry fee is 170 EUROS (one hundred and seventy euros) and is payable through credit card during the registration process.

  • No money prize for the winners will be granted, only commemorative medals for all athletes finishing within 44 hours time limit


 Check the "agree" box and continue to entry form


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