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5th Anniversary ROUT 100 MILES ADVENDURUN 2014 - Latest News for the Athletes
Καταχώρηση Τρίτη, 14 Οκτωβρίου 2014 από ROUT

Virgin Forest Trail 2007

Dear Advendurunner friends,

It’s this time of the year again when we meet in Rodopi, in our annual Endurance and Adventure (advendurunning) meeting.  On Friday, October 17th, at 6 in the morning, the 5th anniversary ROUT 100 MILES begins.  This year, the number of athletes who will start the race reached 120, out of which 13 are coming from abroad.

CHARACTERISTICS: This year’s ROUT keeps its race profile, the same as the familiar since 2010 route, of 100 miles and 8000 meters of positive altitude change, for the 5th consecutive year.  The time limit is now 40 hours.  The three in-between time barriers are: a) Zarkadia Κ-41 in 8:00 hours, b) Krousovo Κ-69 in 15:00 hours and c) Zarkadia-2 Κ-123 in 28:00 hours.

ACCESS: The access to the Forest Village is the athletes’ responsibility, but the organization in co-operation with the Municipality of Xanthi is providing a bus which will transfer athletes from Stavroupoli Rail Station to the Forest Village on Thursday noon.   According to OSE timetable, the train from Thessaloniki arrives at Stavroupoli just before 12:00 noon and there will be a bus connection departing at 12:00 noon from Stavroupoli R.S. to the Forest Village.  Please notify the organization via email at if any athletes and escorts plan to travel by train.

PROGRAM:  Distribution of race bibs starts at 11:00 in the morning of Thursday and ends at 22:00, but race bibs will be also distributed on Friday morning before the start of the race.  The pre-race meal (pasta party) will be offered from 14.00 until 22.00. The prize giving ceremony will take place at 10:00 in the morning, on Sunday, same as every year.  The detailed program is posted on our website.

RACE BIBS DISTRIBUTION:  As mentioned above, the Main Office at the Forest Village will be open on Thursday from 11:00 in the morning until 22:00.  During the technical briefing (19:00 – 20:00) we will not distribute race bibs.  For those that arrive in the Village on Friday morning, they can take their race bib even then.  We will not give out any race bibs to any other person except to the athletes themselves!

ATHLETES’ MEALS:  The athletes will be offered free of charge the following meals: α) pre-race, on Thursday (14:00 – 22:00), b) race breakfast buffet type, on Friday (04:45 – 05:45), c) post-race, on Saturday (07:00 – 24:00).

START OF THE RACE: The race starts at 6:00 in the morning of Friday, October 17, from the Forest Village of Erymanthos, at Haidou.

DROP-BAGS:  The athletes can leave at the Main Office, until Thursday 20.00, two (2) drop-bags; each bag must show a sign with the aid-station that the bag is to be delivered to, and its volume cannot be larger than 30 liters.  The first drop-bag will be at Zarkadia and can be used two times (Κ-41 & Κ-123), since the athletes will pass this aid-station twice. The second drop-back will be at Krousovo (Κ-69). It is advised not to have any glass or sharp items in the bags to avoid damages.  The organization is responsible only for the transportation of the bags and not for the safety of the contents!  The bags will be transferred to the Main Office upon closure of the stations and will be delivered to the athletes/owners.

TECHNICAL BRIEFING: The technical briefing for the Greek athletes will take place on Thursday at 19:00 and for Athletes of Abroad at 20:00, in the Main Office Building, at the Forest Village.  There, we will announce any latest news about the route, the weather, the route signs and the organization staff will answer any questions of the athletes.

CONTACT PHONE:  The athletes may call the organization for information and clarifications.  The phone will be available from Thursday morning and the number is +30 6987 443341.  All other persons are kindly asked not to use this number during the race for information about the athletes, because this number needs to be available for the athletes during the race for emergency calls, or for clarifications on the route of the race, or for any other issues related to the race.  Also, we would like to remind you of the international emergency phone number 112.

RULES:  The rules of the race are posted on our website and are known from the previous years.  We will refer quickly to the absence of obligatory equipment, and to the time barriers at km 41, 69 & 123, the 2 drop-bags, as well as to banning from the race for serious misconduct.

EQUIPMENT (ADVISED): The organization recommends that the athletes carry the following items during the race.  These are: torch, replacement batteries, jacket, gloves, food reserve, cup or tumbler, haemostatic spray, bell.  Also, athletes allergic to insect stings or sensitive to other factors must carry the necessary medicine with them.

ACCOMODATION:  The space of the Forest Village is offered to any athletes, escorts or visitors who would like to camp, as the existing dwellings are all booked now by athletes of the race.  There is a restaurant at the Forest Village which offers all kinds of meals and covers the food needs of the Village visitors.  There are toilets and showers available for the athletes after they finish the race.

REFRESHMENT POSTS: During the race, the athletes are provided with full meals at the six aid-stations, with all kinds of food (food, snacks, fruit, sweets, refreshments).

SIGNS: The signs are as always minimal, with respect to the forest and the commonly accepted aesthetic approach.  More updates on the signs/marks of the race will be discussed during the technical briefing of the athletes on Thursday.

WEATHER: According to the latest information (Monday, October 13, 2014), the weather might be cloudy with no intense weather conditions, temperature 14-220 C, weak winds and a possibility of light rainfall.  More detailed information for each aid-station the day before the race during the technical briefing.  Starting tomorrow a link at ( ) will be available with updated information about the areas of the race.

WEB CASTING: For more than 40 hours, as long as the race lasts, we will webcast the current results from the 26 check-points of the route on the ROUT website.  In addition, there will be continuous live updates through the Live Coverage  ( ), where visitors will have the chance to exchange comments through a live forum.

LINKS: In conclusion, we list the following useful links for the athletes:


See you Thursday, October 16 at Forest Village, Erymanthos, at Haidou Rodopi.

Orestini- Xanthi,Greece October 14, 2014


The ROUT Steering Committee



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